Sunday, January 4, 2009

Foie Gras !

And instead of posting images of flat frogs and associated roadkill poems, perhaps I should be wishing all of you who may stumble upon this site by design or by chance the happiest of holidays, and a Happy New Year for 2009 ! ... which hopefully will bring better news to the Earth than 2008 did. And in that holiday vein, I might add that I have the astonishing good fortune to have married a French lady who happens to excel in producing from the raw product a fine foie gras... the best I've ever tasted anywhere... so here is an image of this year's "terrine" which proceeded to melt in our mouths from Christmas Day until just shy of New Years... Now I know it is decadent and debauched and what have you to be eating foie gras when there is so much misery abroad in the world; but sometimes you just have to enjoy life a little, and take with no second thoughts what you find on your plate, whatever it may be ... which reminds me... there is a poem which goes with this photo...

....Foie Gras
When I die
And my body is still warm
Before I’ve started to rot
I hope some loving soul
Will open my skull
And take my brain
To the kitchen
Then tenderly
Carve it into neat slices
Roll each one in a mix of spices
Cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, and wine
Then fry them slowly in pure butter
And pat them into a small casserole
Covering the dish when done
With a layer of fat
Like a fine foie gras
For the holidays
Then wait four or five days
Open a bottle of the best bourgogne
Or maybe a sauterne
With a few friends
And proceed to share the remnants
Of my thinking
Slobbering over every morsel

1 comment:

Zoog said...

Jeepers Zoom....that is a little too Hannibal Lecter for moi...LOL.

Hey, I guess if I thought it could ward off alzheimers I might try yours ! Einstein and all that...(smile) i still have that sign I made for you in DTW...that was unnecessary because you arrived at the opposite end of the airport...

Seriously though it sure looks wonderful. Would love to try it sometime. Love your blog it is so interesting and educational and compelling...