Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Road to Baalbek

In a much earlier chapter of this endeavor a scene from Lebanon's Bekaa Valley was posted, which also contained wrecked and abandoned cars. The fact is, such scenes as that earlier one, and this one, stretched on for miles and miles. I would have loved to have spent a few days walking the length of the road just photographing all the way from Zahle to Baalbek... but we had to get to Baalbek as there were other more historically important ruins to visit... although someday some people may look at our fields of useless and desolate automobiles with the same nostalgia and historical interest that we devote to places like the Roman ruins at Baalbek. Discarded cars, as far as the eye could see... a monument to our disposible age... where many barbarians do not give a second thought to trashing large swaths of the surface of our one and only, very lonely home, this stone, this planet Earth...

After what seemed like hours bumping along the road up the Bekaa Valley,we finally got to Baalbek where this faded "Welcome" sign greeted us...

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