Friday, January 23, 2009

Straight From the Horse's Mouth...

As mentioned below, in the interest of keeping our natural gas flowing from Russia, am posting another zebra here. However, when the dire threat was issued about posting more zebra related material or else, it was not specified which end of said beast had to be shown... so, in the interest of the "both sides now" theme mentioned at the outset of this blog, here is what might be called by some tongue-in-cheek wags as the ass end of a zebra... no pun intended. Sort of like the mule end of a horse, I suppose. And if you are interested, do not miss the six definitions of a "Horse's Ass" on the Urban Dictionary site ! ! ! They don't beat around the bush ! Although they do mention a famous Bush... I particularly liked the one about the East end of a horse heading West !
I digress... this photo was scanned from a postcard I purchased long ago as a gift to my not-yet but soon-to-be wife, in fact this image could have been one of the clinching factors in her decision to enter into holy matrimony with me... who knows, I mean what woman in her right mind could possibly resist a suitor bearing postcards depicting the rear view of an African equid of the subgenus hippotigrus ? ? ? This photo was taken by a certain Fabien Kyburz, and was titled "Striped Mimetism" (and I beg a thousand pardons for reproducing it here for your pleasure) ... now there is a good word... "Mimetism"... Thank you Mr Kyburz for this excellent image, if I could find you I would happily buy you a beer... I hope at least you received the proper royalties when I purchased the postcard... anyone who could take a photo like this one is ok in my book.

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ladydi said...

When you posted the cat and dog photos you mentioned that the angle made their behinds look larger than usual. Whoa! They have nothing on Mr. Stripy Pants. But he is very handsome, and I'm glad Anne said yes!