Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Twenty After Six

Time has just been rushing right along again today; I thought I was going to do some more blogging, but after putting in a few hours at work, and driving home through a snow storm (rare in these parts), watching a documentary about life with the Dogon people in Mali, marvelling at their incredible cliffside cavern cemeteries, playing a little guitar with my daughter, and sending out several emails in a few directions, it suddenly got to be 1h30 in the morning and time to go get that pesky but necessary beauty sleep, again... same little rituals day in and day out, huh ?
This photo is just a thin slice of a church facade near here, but I liked the fading face of the clock with the numbers disappearing, which says more about passing time than the turning hands ever will... see post way below here about the Trash Chute...

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