Saturday, January 24, 2009

Baghdad Cafe !

If when reading the post just below this one (I have to remember that you are probably reading these posts in order going down the page, which is the opposite order in which I'm writing them...) you thought I was pulling your leg when I said I had returned to Damascus from Palmyra in Syria with a stop at the Baghdad Café, here is proof to the contrary. There really is a Baghdad Café about halfway from Damascus to Palmyra, out in as godforsaken a stretch of dusty desert as you could ever wish to find anywhere. And it looks just like the one in the movie ! Near the Café there is a fork in the road, one branch of which heads off toward the border with Iraq... less than a hundred miles away. Iraq, that desolate nightmare. Iraq, that blasted disaster. Iraq, that irradiated wasteland. Iraq, that high explosive tragedy. Iraq, that horrific error. I rack my brains but see no solution, whether America stays or leaves, Iraq is already in ruins, and covered in thousands of tons of depleted uranium dust... or should we call it angel dust... as in angel of death ?
Don't miss Roy Zimmerman's vastly pertinent tune : Saddam Shame


Zoog said...

Fabulously interesting photo...your blog has opened up so much of the world for know how much I admire your narrative, photography and poems...All of it so compelling and interesting... !

Owen said...

Thank you ma'am... you are too kind ! With this kind of feedback, you have to be careful, it may inspire me to reach even higher...