Monday, January 12, 2009

Making Contact With Past

Didn't get much new material into the blog this weekend; for the good and simple reason that... I was working on the future of the blog. Which means I opened up the cupboard, and unlike the fabled Mother Hubbard, the cupboard in my case was not bare. The cupboard was full of contact sheets and negatives spanning roughly the past 30 years or thereabouts worth of photographs taken in all the various places I've been living since leaving the proverbial nest. The mother lode has just been dragged out of the mine where it was in storage... waiting... waiting for what??? Well wait no more... life is now... life is not five years from now or ten years out when retirement may be looming... if I should have the good fortune to live so long as to retire.
The fact is, there are hundreds and hundreds, if not in the low thousands, of negatives waiting to be perused, many of which have never been printed, only some of which were lucky enough to get even a contact sheet ... like the one attached here. So there is a big job to be done to go through all those negatives, make an editor's selection, then get the ones that make the cut printed and transform them into digital files... so that in the not too distant future all you avid blog readers out there will be able to get a little taste of what I've been doing for all these years. (A taste of something other than foie gras) It is going to be a big undertaking... not sure when the first results will be back. But as you can see from just this one sample contact sheet from 1987, there is roadkill there, a flat cat and mangled rabbit, an asbestos cleanup site, a baby's legs sticking up out of the ground in a graveyard, marsh grass reflected in still water, a woman in a duck pen, (or was it me in the pen and she was outside looking in?), an amazing artist looking over his shoulder, a pink flamingo lawn ornament, a pair of black longjohns hanging from the line, an old car, and a broken window frame. What more could one want out of life ? ? ? And there is plenty more where this one came from... so keep coming back. Since New Years Day there have been roughly 200 visits to the blog... am counting on you all to pass it on... share the fun. Oh yeah, by the way... Happy New Years to everyone, in case I didn't say it earlier...

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