Monday, January 19, 2009

Enigmatic Allusions

A friend who saw this photo said they were haunted by it for days afterwards for whatever unfathomable reason. Could it have been the color gradient from near black at lower right to near white in the clouds reflected in the pool, traversing an unquantifiable series of shades of blue? Or the enigmatic red and white pole that remained vertical after launching the last pole vaulter who came this way into the nearby bay ? Freud may need to be consulted while listening to obscure Finnish Hecklephone players in order to get to the bottom of the subconscious pool here. Freud's dead, you say? Well then try self-analysis, and self-medication if the analysis doesn't do the trick. And what brought on the Finnish Heckelphone players ? What is a Heckelphone, you ask? Well, for starters, try this blog. I am so helplessly unsophisticated that I have yet to discover how to add more functions to my own blog; like showing a list of blogs I follow, and other such niceties that could help all of you good people expand your worlds exponentially... but just the very fact that this blog is a living, breathing undertaking now (not ready for the undertaker quite yet) is proof that an old dog can learn new tricks, so don't despair... there is hope ! ! ! And Obama is coming... of course the big question on everyone's mind I'm sure is... can Obama catch Osama ? ? ? Stay tuned . . .

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