Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pigeon Vision

Was not only going through vast piles of photographs from former lives, but also going through some scriblings that have been accumulating. Back in December a post titled Pigeon Pie was commenting on the phenomenon of roadkill in our modern world. A poem accompanied that post, but another one just came to the surface that might have been even more appropriate... so, better late then never, here is a poem that could have well accompanied the "pigeon pie" photo...
.........Pigeon Vision
I saw a pigeon dead tonight
Lying in the middle of Baltimore Pike
Feathers ruffled in the passing stream
Of cold steel and headlights
Before long some passing bus or truck
Will crush the chilly carcass flat
The wind will blow no more forever
Through the tattered feathers
That adorn the broken wings
But a gathering of pigeon angels
Will descend to claim the battered soul
And if I listen hard enough
And gaze into the night
Perhaps I’ll see a sign there
And hear the pigeon angels sing

The traffic lights grew dreamy
And my head began to nod
For just the briefest moment
I saw the pigeon god

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