Sunday, December 14, 2008

Secret Lives of Cats

Well, I suppose no blog could be complete without the family cat... so here is one of ours. Please let me introduce you to Amande. (That's French for almond) She is a nut... and Amande is all woman too. The first thing she said when she saw this picture I took of her was : "Gee, don't you think it makes my butt look big?" And I said, "no, your butt looks just fine." And she goes, "wow, maybe I better get back on that diet I was doing, you know, only three wild mice per day, and none of those store-bought nuggets." I go, "don't worry about it, your butt looks great"... and so on. Amande is a real sweetheart, and we love her alot. Just don't say anything about her drinking problem. She hates to hear it even mentioned. And she won't go to the CWDPA meetings either. (Cats With Drinking Problems Anonymous) She won't even admit to herself that she has a problem... but I got it on film one day, so feel free to share her dirty little drinking secret here... We are trying to get her to audition for Desperate Housewives, because we think she would fit right in on Wisteria Lane.

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ladydi said...

Cute! Most cats do not care to get their paws wet, thank you very much. Ours will tip over our water glasses every time he gets the chance, and lap the water from whatever surface it lands on. Why drink out of an ordinary bowl when you can lick it off a table, chair, or floor?