Monday, December 15, 2008

Hedged Hog

The very first day out with the new Canon 40D last August, walking through the small village of Avilly Saint Leonard I noticed at my feet by the side of the road a very flattened hedgehog, which only his multitude of quills allowed me to recognize what sort of animal had met its end here under the tires of a marauding motor vehicle. We rush about in our millions of cars, consuming billions of barrels of petroleum, slaughtering myriad mammals, amphibians, or reptiles who may dare to cross our paths... are we not an arrogant bunch? And the word "hedge" reminded me of hedge-funds, and their managers, that unscrupulous lot of bankers looking for a profit at any price, in order to pay themselves huge annual bonuses so they can go buy the houses on private islands they so richly deserve... while us common folk live in fear of losing our jobs due to the current crisis brought on largely by banking industry greed. What is wrong with this picture???

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