Sunday, December 7, 2008

Kippers ? Apply Here...

I know this photo I took in January, 1987 in Whitby, England, is nothing special, but I always liked the message on the sign : Apply Here For Kippers... as if an application form was needed for the privilege of purchasing kippers...
A kipper is a whole herring which has been split open from head to tail, gutted, salted, and cold smoked, and which make a tasty snack for breakfast or with tea in the afternoon. Whitby is famous for kippers, and for being the setting for part of the tale of Dracula. No doubt I had that in mind when the following piece was written...
Whitby Morning
The stench of kippers
Hung heavy
Like an obese breast
With a big oily nipple
Gulls gobbled herring guts
Morning garbage cast aside
By a gimp‑legged
Ocean going hero
Limping down the wharf
Silent fungus swelled
In pine lined cavities
Under the churchyard sod
By the ruined chapel
High on the hill
Dracula slipped in
Before sunrise
Scratched his balls
And went to sleep

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