Friday, December 5, 2008

Corps Blanc : White Man

I took this photo in July 1986 in the Entrepôts de Bercy, the wine warehouse area of Paris that has long since been bulldozed into oblivion, and with it this work of art, which I presume was painted by a fabulous French artist named Jerome Mesnager, or if not by him, by a copycat artist. Unless someone saved these massive iron doors before the bulldozers arrived, I suppose this work is lost forever, other than in photographs like this one. Jerome Mesnager has painted various forms of his "Corps Blanc" or "White Body" all over Paris and all over the world. An original and highly creative, prolific artist. I called this one : Reaching for the Roof. If you visit his website by clicking on the link in his name here, there is a nice video that shows the White Man in numerous variations and locations... a pleasure to see after all these years.

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