Friday, December 5, 2008

Beware of Dog

It may be a little hard to read, (click on image for bigger view) but the sign on the body cast in the top half here says: "Beware of Dog"... now although I can't say if the dog that was to be bewared of was responsible for putting someone in that body cast, or if it was the result of other activities inspired by who knows what creative joy, what I can say is that the gentleman in these pix (at left below) is none other than the one, the only, the inimitable, the incredible JC, the unimaginable, the builder of boats, worker of wood, rider of motorcycles, hiker of endless canyons who was mentioned somewhere in the below labyrinth of postings in reference to the equally wonderful painter named Blanche... Funny how people and things connect in this poor old stumbling world, more than a couple of Wreck paintings are in JC and Blanche's collection out in the far hills of central Pennsylvania, just as there are here in France... guess we have something in common besides a shared liking for red wine, Southern Comfort, and Grateful Dead shows (speaking of which, one song in particular comes to mind for some reason when thinking of JC)... anyway, I'm rambling again in my usual expansive way, but what I wanted to say was, you know, like, if I had to say one last thing before having to check out of this place, well it would be something like : "Hurry up and get your butts over here so we can sit down and have a beer 'cause I miss the f-ing heck out of you and wreck on these long winter nights, you fifty-year-old dire wolf farts !" Now don't get all choked up or nothing, it's alright for guys to express their love for other guys without thinking anything twisted, I learned that from some movie with a male bonding theme...

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