Monday, December 15, 2008


Was just reading in the news today how George Bush went to Iraq on a surprise farewell visit, and an angry Iraqi threw a shoe at him; a grave insult in some parts of the world. I would guess there may well be some angry people in Iraq today, still mourning over the loss of tens of thousands of civilian dead since 2003. No one really knows exactly how many have died, although some have tried to document them. And no one knows how many are likely to become future victims in Iraq from depleted uranium dust or unexploded cluster munitions, etc. ad nauseum. Not to mention over 4000 dead Americans; and thousands more maimed or otherwise damaged individuals who will be able to contemplate at leisure the lust for revenge that drove the President of the United States to invade a country that most public sources seem to agree was not linked to the September 11th attacks in any way. All that reminded me of this image that was circulating a while back. I don't know who created it, so I can't give credit where credit is due, but anyway, it wasn't about the oil, was it... ? And while on that cheerful thought, don't miss this video from the Asylum Street Spankers !

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