Sunday, December 21, 2008

End of Autumn... sigh

Well, call me a sappy old cuss, you are welcome to if it makes you feel better... this photo is to celebrate the last day of Autumn, as we will soon be getting into Winter. But at least the days will be getting longer again, as of tomorrow the sun will be setting later. And that sounds like a good reason to have a big party to me. Which is exactly what people who some have labeled as "Pagans" were doing for thousands of years before their feasting days got ripped off by a bunch of power-hungry control freaks who twisted the original reason for having a celebration into another ceremony altogether, based, whether one cares to admit it or not, on the horrible public torture and mutilation of one of their own kind. Personally, I think it may well be time to find a kinder, gentler story to tell our children, I'm getting a little tired of that one. Violent stories beget violent stories, and there is way too much violence afoot in the world these days. So, here is my solution : stare at these lovely Autumn leaves (see the hearts?) hiding a brick wall for a few hours while meditating on all that is good in this world... and leave your pistols, rifles, machine guns, shotguns, and rocket propelled grenade launchers at home the next time you go out...

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Zoog said...

This picture is awesome Z....just those heart shaped leaves....I wish I could go on a walk w/ you....Love your eagle eye !! I go on a "crack of dawn walk" once a month with a naturalist...It is so eye opening all the little things points out ...they are so incredibly fascinating...makes it worth getting up @ 0500 on my day off !!