Monday, December 15, 2008

Caveman Derby

I think I understand now... when I came blundering through this cave-quarry, making all kinds of noise, I scared off all the residents, a skeleton crew of skeletons from the closet, as it were, and they all went and hid in one of the miles of corridors and corners in there... not caring for the company of living, breathing souls like myself. But they will be back, as soon as I'm gone, climbing back into their beautiful collection of cars, starting them up, racing, careening around those dark corridors with ghost-lights for headlights, St Elmo's fire for landmarks, doing a deathly demolition derby all day and all night. No wonder those cars were so banged up, and a few were burned out. You can just imagine the skeleton hands holding onto this steering wheel and shifting the gears with that shift lever, flicking ashes from his cigarettes into the open ashtray...

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