Monday, December 15, 2008

Angels Landing

Swallowing my pride, (I have a healthy fear of heights) I crawled on my belly to the edge of the abyss, and took this picture holding the camera at arm's length looking down from the top of Angels Landing into Zion Canyon in late 1982. It is a 1500 foor sheer drop to the Virgin River below. See the speck of a car on the road? It is a bit of a scramble to get up there, holding onto chains anchored in the rock on the steepest spots, with vertigo inducing drop offs on either side, not for the faint of heart. But a wonderful view, not to mention the awe inspiring angels who descend from the dazzling sky above to greet visitors. Angels, virgins, Zion... oh yeah, I forgot, this is Mormon country. Speaking of which, if you enjoyed reading Jon Krakauer's "Into the Wild", don't miss his "Under the Banner of Heaven"... a cautionary tale.

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Amy said...

Okay, I know I climb rocks but I am still very afraid of heights. Very. There is no way I could do this. The thought of going up that trail made my insides turn about and caused my palms to sweat. Well done, and you got a beautiful pic from it!! :D