Sunday, December 14, 2008

Belgium !

Listen, I know I said earlier that I didn't aspire to do postcard photos, but I stumbled on this one that I took on a trip to Mechelen, Belgium a couple of years ago, and couldn't resist throwing it in, despite the obvious lack of roadkill, rust, decay, hippies, wrecked cars, and what not. I figured, if I don't include it, how many of you are likely to ever get an idea of what you're missing by not having made the effort yet to get there??? How many of you were actually ever planning on going to Belgium in your lifetime??? Now be honest folks. It's understandable, Belgium is a small country... soon maybe to be two even smaller countries; given that the Flemish and the Walloons can't seem to agree about much of anything. Anyway, I have played my part now, and can sleep easy... if you never go to Mechelen, Belgium, it won't be because I didn't at least try to tempt you.

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ladydi said...

You are too funny! Despite the absence of rust or peeling paint, this is a most amazing photo. But no, can't go to Belgium, and if I could, I'd probably choose to visit Hawaii or Australia.