Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Backdoor Man

Now isn't this a RIOT ?!? If you click on the image you can see it larger, and read the sign better which says : Hippies Use Backdoor ... No Exceptions
In the United States just a few short years ago, within my lifetime, there were signs that said things like "Blacks sit at the back of the bus"... and people wondered why there were riots and marches and demonstrations and the like. And today an incredibly gifted young man of African American origins has been elected president of the USA. What goes around comes around ! Go Obama ! We are counting on you to help bring the United States out of the dark ages we have lived for the past several years.
Well, today in the city of Ghent, Belgium, as evidenced by this sign, racism against hippies is alive and well ! And how many hippies are there exactly in Ghent, Belgium who have to follow these instructions??? Like the orange paint on the woodwork... someone has a fine sense of humor I guess. Meanwhile, while writing this was listening to a fitting piece of music that goes back to the 1960's when in the United States of Americas they were doing things like assassinating presidents or presidential candidates or civil rights leaders or Vietnam War demonstrators or pregnant movie stars... the song is called Backdoor Man ... give it a listen. Amazing what you can't find on YouTube ! And for the record, Mr MoJo Risin' Morrison is buried here in Paris, in the Père Lachaise cemetery... worth the pilgrimage if you're into things like that. Now, if you want another take on that song, try Howlin' Wolf's version ... enjoy ...

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