Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Rust Never Sleeps

Photography is not an easy undertaking. To arrive at any sort of level where it becomes an art form requires years of apprenticeship to the sorcerers that have gone before, a healthy dose of pure inspiration, a dash of clear vision, a smattering of "damn the torpedoes", and a certain amount of something akin to faith; faith in whatever you may hold sacred. I am so far from reaching even the first lowly stair on the high pyramid that leads to the inner temple that I sometimes wake at night trembling and thinking my life will be over before I even get to the second stair of the seven hundred and seventy six remaining. But I go back to sleep thinking, I will not stop trying, no matter what may slow me... no matter what forms of rust may afflict me... I will keep crawling onward through the fog...
Let me just say, I labored over this photo for many long tries before I finally found an exposure that worked. The light was atrocious, the weather freezing and spitting drizzle on me, and people were waiting for me to hurry up and come along... not propitious conditions... but I persevered, for whatever it may be worth... what did Neil Young say ? Rust Never Sleeps ?

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