Sunday, December 21, 2008


Continuing in the series of posters in various states of decomposition, this one goes back a ways, early 1990's, shortly after I turned up in France for good after dreaming about living here from afar for many years. Many others have had similar dreams that brought them to France for various reasons... Baby Doc Duvalier, Milan Kundera, Robert Service, George Orwell, Jim Morrison, and Robert Crumb to name a few. I'm not sure what it is about deteriorating posters that attracts me... the ephemeral nature of man ? Nikita was the name of movie directed by Luc Besson which came out in 1990 in which Jean Reno has the charming role of Victor the "Nettoyeur"... the clean-up man who makes embarrassing cadavers disappear with acid in bathtubs... After the success of the movie, the name Nikita started turning up elsewhere... on advertising posters for raunchy telephone services, for example...

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