Thursday, November 6, 2008

Two Islands Revisited

Sort of like Brideshead Revisited, this photo is Two Islands Revisited. Much further down in this blog I posted the story "Between Two Islands". This is not far from that place, where my grandparents ashes were interred in the sandy soil, where turtles crawl and Baltimore Orioles sing, Cardinals wing, Blue Jays alight on the bridge poles, and ghosts walk with the mists before dawn out by the lone juniper in the place between two islands. This picture was printed from a color slide I took about 25 years ago; another more recent picture of the same place will follow, showing the ravages of time. I used to love to sit on that blue bench and watch the river flow, in and out as it ebbed and waned with the tide and the moon.
This must be a very poignant moment in time for Barack Obama, losing his grandmother on the eve of winning the presidency. What an incredible young man... may he be granted the power to fulfil the promise of hope he has inspired in so many people around the globe.

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