Monday, November 10, 2008

Dead Zenith Pilgrimage

On 27 October 1990, REK and I (see Nuclear Cows and Autumn colors below) happened to be in Paris with tickets in hand to see the Grateful Dead play at the Zenith Theatre. Having travelled trans-Atlantic to see them in Paris was a major highlight in the string of Dead experiences we shared over a few years back there in the distant haze of memory. This photo was taken from the edge of the stage that night while they were playing Crazy Fingers, there was no problem moving around inside the Zenith. Reviews of that show, and the streaming audio of it for that matter, can be found at, along with many thousands of other Dead shows :

And what a long strange trip it was. We went to the Louvre museum the afternoon before the show, the number of people in tie dyed t-shirts walking around in there was impressive. The next day we went down to Vezelay, which if you've been there, you will remember is another intense experience, a pilgrimage into the past...

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