Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Those Were the Days !

Well, I obviously didn't take this photo, and have no idea who did; it was on an old postcard that was in a drawer long ago at my parents' house, and somehow became a part of my permanent collection... guess it dates from around the 1950's ? Back in those carefree days of happy insouciance when life was a sunny day doing water-skiing gymnastics... don'tcha love those bathing suits??? Must have been the height of fashion. And the color coordinated scarves and skis... wow, someone went to alot of trouble to get this shot... and how the heck did she climb up on the shoulders of the other two, anyway, on moving water skis ?!? Smiling all the while ! Miraculous, nothing short of miraculous... but where are they today, those bathing beauties of yesteryear??? That's right folks... life's short... enjoy it while you can !

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