Thursday, November 6, 2008

Don't Ask What Brought This On

In the days, or even the years running up to the US elections there were strange vibes in the air, very strange, this piece is an old echo of all that. But hopefully some of that will fade away, allowing us to get on with our lives with a promise of hope and peace and dignity. . .
.....Strange Days
Wild dogs run in the woods
Where men build cinderblock houses
And live in them until their eyes rot
Radio waves ravage the skies
Battle the winds
Clouds defy gravity
Dead water lies by the trackside
Full of green algae and eels
Wild dogs rip rabbit throats
Women cower in cellars
Under cinderblock prisons
Men scream curses at tax collectors
Brandishing shovels and hoes
Gravity wins and the clouds fall
Eels strangle small children
Gravel roads disappear in the woods
To secret destinations
Wild dogs chase their tails
Cinderblocks crumbled when the floods came
People ran in all directions
Their hands in the air waving
Strange cries took to the wind
To battle the radio waves
An empty boat washed up on the beach
After the storm with no oars
People huddled together
In thickets and shacks
Throwing stones at evangelists

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