Monday, November 3, 2008

Grandmother's Paintings

Many people had a grandmother who was a painter, and in general grandmothers' paintings were notorious in the art world as being kitsch at best or boring poor quality daubing at worst. I suppose we had grandparents who painted because they had the time to... with no TVs or PCs or telephones, people had more time to read books and paint paintings. Although there is no case where the expression "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is more apt; I'd like to think that my grandmother was an exception to the old cliché. She took painting classes, and worked hard at her craft for many years. Although some have sadly been lost, or worse, stolen, a few of her works remain, and this winter bayshore scene is one of my favorites. May she rest in peace, and walk with the mists at dawn in the place between two islands.
Although she mostly did landscapes and still lifes, she did an occasional portrait, like this Lady in a Hat :

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ladydi said...

Lovely! I have to assume this was your Phillips grandmother? I would feel quite ashamed if I had never even known that our Harlow grandmother was an artist with a paintbrush. I know she was an artist with needle and thread.