Tuesday, November 4, 2008


The grill of this ancient tractor is a work of art to me, but then, I see art almost anywhere. But is it art??? What defines what is or is not a work of art? Textures caused by a lifetime of hard labor, scars from hostile encounters with thick brush around the edges of muddy farm fields in New Jersey, a bullet hole or two, patterns like Rorschach ink blot tests engraved therein and you may see what you wish to see, dream of what you will, in the suspension springs below the radiator grill are the bent bows of archers off to battle sites like Crecy or Agincourt, and rust, rust destroys all. I'd like to find this tractor again today to see what kind of shape it is in now, years later. Why this fascination for decaying decrepit wrecks from bygone years? What would a psychologist have to say? Grilled.

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