Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Holy Herzog, Batman !

An old long-lost friend recently re-found who has become a professional photographer had the kindness to turn me on, to use an expression which dates me, to a photographer from Vancouver, Canada named Fred Herzog who I had not come across before. A man after my own heart! Or I after his heart, whichever. Take a look on the internet, several sites show examples of his work, the best I've found being that of the Equinox Gallery. Stop by and shop, buy a few prints for your house, they only run about 3000$ apiece. Herzog's work is beautiful, magic, nostalgic ("Now you're telling me that you're not nostalgic, then give me another word for it, you who're so good with words, and at keeping things vague... 'cause I need some of that vagueness now, it's all come back too clearly, yes I loved you dearly..." [name that tune !])
One of the most beautiful to my eyes of Herzog's work that I've seen so far is this one... what I would give to have been with him that day, to have watched him work, to have asked him what he was thinking about when he came across this vision from wrecked car heaven... when I saw this in fact I thought I'd died and gone there, the car in the foreground resonates in blue like a broken robin's egg... The robins are sad today, their eggs are cracked and crumpled by the ravages of time :

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