Tuesday, November 18, 2008

One More for the Road

This striking wreck of art was also in the cave mentioned below, in another gallery, and could be titled "Another Roadside Attraction", had that title not already been used by Tom Robbins for his marvellous book of that name. Robbins is worth reading if you haven't already and re-reading if you have, I never tire of his keen vision. Who could have dreamed these cars were waiting for me there in the pitch black night of these caves? Has anyone else ever photographed them in there, or was this a brave new step forward in the documentation of the less known world? These really were something out of a magic lantern show from many years ago... the flash going off in the total darkness was surreal to say the least. What draws me to such treasures? Is it my un-shakable faith that such wonders exist and can be found if one is willing to go out into the wide world with open eyes and heart and search a little?

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