Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cornwall Cows

Well, to get that postcard photo out of my system, I couldn't let this papparazzistic opportunity escape when it offered itself just a little further down the Cornwall coast trail... what's a little voyeurism whilst on a voyage? Don't you love the way French has crept into the English language? The French have been so worried about English making inroads into their language (like shampooing for pete's sake!), but I think it is the English language which should be worried. Amercans in particular, after that fairly recent bout of France bashing, should be particularly concerned about how much French they are speaking every day... (words like corruption and seduction come to mind) In the meanwhile, this heifer was worried about an entirely other problem... and the only thing that worries me about this image is how many legs to these two cows in the foreground have, anyway??? I swear this image is not photo-shopped in any way... do you remember the famous five-legged Assyrian bull sculptures? Does art imitate life, or does life imitate art !?!

1 comment:

English Rider said...

There are 3 cows, not 2