Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Reflections on Belfries . . . No Bats In Sight . . .

I couldn't decide which of these two shots taken today in Le Conquet, Brittany I liked better, so you get both of them . . . and with that, am off to hit the sack to get my beauty sleep ! ;-)))




Lilie said...

these are amazing. I love the perspective. nice work :)

NikonSniper said...

yes, yes, yes! the reflection photo is a homerun for me! very cool.

Nathalie said...

Reflexions ? These could be mine!

I love the first one for the humorous message, the second for the nice perspective over the full height of the bell tower and the typically French proportions of the window.

Nathalie again said...

Et il fait beau en Bretagne?
Un ciel si bleu, magnifique !!!
(orages en Provence...)

Unknown said...

You may have forgotten 'work' but you seem very busy on the photography front. Some lovely work in that department.

Owen said...

Bill... for me photography is pure play... the play of light, the play of magic in the air, the discovery of new places, with or without the traces of man.

Nathalie and Nathalie Again (am starting to wonder if there are two of you... maybe that explains how you seem to be in two places at once all over Avignon ?!?) il faisait un temps magnifique en Brétagne hier, vraiment sublime, car c'est rare ici, d'habitude il fait beau plusieurs fois par jour, entre les averses. Et je suis sûr, si tu aurais été là, tu aurais fais des images des réflexions, ça pourrait bien être toi... peut-être par télépathie tu m'as guidé un peu ???

Lilie, thx for dropping in, glad you like them, saw where another French blogger had discovered you, followed his tracks... stop by any time !

Steve, as an ex-worker at Philadelphia's Veterans Stadium, I watched many a homerun clear the outfield walls... that is an extraordinary compliment, and I thank you. Am enjoying considerably your prolific supply of photos... I really liked the Exit Strategy ! LOL !

Loulou said...

Owen, beautiful shots.
Le travail sur le reflet donne le vertige, a quelque chose d'irréel, ce que l'on parviendrait à capturer seulement par le reflet. Passionnant. A bientôt