Friday, April 10, 2009

Coquelicots . . . Poppies . . .

From pink flamingos we move on to bright orange-red poppies. Every Spring there is a field near where we live that just goes into overdrive producing poppies. Sort of like the field that Dorothy (in the Wizard of Oz) fell asleep in, overcome by the narcotic effects of the flowers. This photo is from last Spring, but I'm looking forward to getting a better shot this year, and who knows, maybe I'll have to try to find a couple of models to wear 19th century hoop skirts and carry parasols to re-create Monet's painting ? Any candidates ?



nathalie in avignon said...

Here in Provence poppies are a funny breed, they don't necessarily come back every year in the same place. It has to do with the amount of rain we get in spring I suppose.

Being a Monet model? I'll leave that to girly girls, I'd rather be on the painter's or photographer's side.

A dunny - as I wrote it I figured there was the odd chance that this was an Aussie-only idiom. The loo in the backyard is never known by any other term in the whole of Australia.

Owen said...

Thanks for enlarging our vocabulary Nathalie. . . I'll have to tell my daughter that, she is going to Australia in June for an exchange program with a school there...