Thursday, April 30, 2009

Of Swine and Men (and their marvellous motorcars)

First, I did not take this photo, it appeared on the website where it appeared with an interesting and pertinent story about Swine Flu and automobiles, that an alert reader sent me the link to (thanks Walter !) Worth reading. These are strange times we live in, as you may have noticed already, and Swine Flu is just the latest plague to beset the planet. . . just when we'd almost forgotten about Bird Flu. There is also a blog article on A Tidings of Magpies you may want to look at along these same lines. (And while you are there take a walk through Distracted by Shiny Objects past posts, it is a smorgasbord of fine reading to rival "Babette's Feast".) But also this photo was timely in regards to a bit of a discussion that got going concerning old VW campers, between a below post here and a couple of posts on Jumble Sale Rabbits, which btw is another fun and friendly blog. . . as well as on a blog in Australia done by Nathalie who is now in Avignon, France. Happy reading, and if any swine approach you in a dark alley asking you to get into a car that looks like this one, just tell them. . . I gave at the office, and then run for your life !



jeff said...

'Salam Owen ! je fais un petit détour par ton blog... et que vois-je ! A big pg ! A pink big pig !
Tu oserais conduire une telle voiture ! ! ! Ben, tout dépend en fait le pays où tu roules... Finland, Norway, United Kingdom, France, Italia,... !

Bravo pour le coup d'oeil tout de même !

Ciao, à plus Owen !

Nathalie said...

Oink oink, what a find!

cieldequimper said...

Sorry but I just had to lol.

Sar@h said...

Le genre de voiture que l'on peut difficilement voler !!!

Pas terrible le groin pour les créneaux … J'adore ce genre de créateurs qui mettent un sourire dans nos vies !

ladydi said...

This is too funny, Owen! Thanks for sharing.