Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Beware of Cat !

"Beware of Dog" signs are common the world over, but this was the first "Beware of Cat" sign that I'd ever seen anywhere. (Chat Méchant = Very Nasty Bad Humored Wickedly Evil Cat)

Spotted this sign in the medieval village of Perouges, near Lyon, France, the other day. . . judging from the chipped sign and blood stain it looked like indeed there had been some serious scraps there. . . I took my photo and moved on quickly. . . (il est vrai, il y avait un grognement assez terrifiant derrière la porte)



Jill said...

My word, you see interesting things!!

Arnaud said...

Bien vu !
Prochaine fois que je passe a Perouges, je fais la meme et je la mets sur MON blog ! ;-)
OK... je mettrai une reference pour anteriorite !

Nathalie said...

Le plus inquiétant en effet ce sont les signes extérieurs de violence. Déjà que je me méfiais des chats...

Anonymous said...

I love the blood stained print on it! adds to the fearsome cat's reputation.

What a cat it must be!


Lily Fields said...

MEOW!!!! Kitty has claws ! This is great and i have to wholeheartedly agree with NWBD...the bloody print is priceless...

So tell me O are you getting anthing done around the homestead these days? You are the Mighty
Blogger Indeed ! (smile)