Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Prairie Home Sweet Home !

In the post just below I made an oblique reference to a radio show, The Prairie Home Companion, that has been vastly popular in the United States, and elsewhere, over the years. If for whatever reason you may not have been familiar with it until now, they have a website where you can get a better feel for what Garrison Keillor, the show's creator, is all about.
So, having done my good deed for today, by doing some free advertising for the PHC (Prairie Home Companion), now I'm going to do my bad deed for today, by posting this very, very naughty video, which I know may be hard to follow for some non-native English language speakers, but bear with it, give it a good listen, I swear I was roaring with laughter at some of the awful jokes in this piece from a PHC show. . . my sides are aching and tears are still flowing... aaahhh, laughter is the best therapy of all !



Nathalie H.D. said...

Pretty good I must say!
I'll take the soup in its fuller version thank you :-)))

Nathalie again said...

Yes, bad jokes work well for me.
My favorites are the toothbrush vs. toilet paper and "it runs in your jeans"...

Owen said...

Well, I warned you ! They're bad alright... glad you enjoyed !

Laurie said...

Here in England, the show is broadcast every saturday on BBC Radio 7 and is called [because we have no prairies]: The Garrison Keillor Radio Show. The best radio show on earth, I think and his audio books - Lake Wobegon Days etc. - are fantastic.

Owen said...

Hey Laurie, there may not any prairies, but you have moors and downs... I don't know if Moor Home Companion works, but maybe the Downs Home Companion could do the trick ?

Lily Fields said...

omg....these are such true groaners and oh so funny! I was falling off my chair as I viewed this....I have advised H that he must watch this as well....good stuff!

I wholeheartedly agree...laughter is so is like a walk in the woods, one always feels better, lifted above the wear and tear of life. the brain chemistry a bit more on the positive side...when Howard was going through the initial stages of his cancer bout, all we ever viewed were comedies and light fair and then when he was so sick and his struggle all consuming, I would watch the same and go on you tube to stand up comics videos...everyone copes in their own way. I just love to laugh all times not just crisis feels so incredibly good.