Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Beautiful Balcony . . .

Although it is not my b-day, between the Biker Bordel below, and the Bloomin' Bloody Blog a little farther down, and this Beautiful (well, I thought so) Balcony, I seem to be burdening you all with an abundance of b-words today. I'll have to ask my therapist what that may mean, as myself, I'm a little bewildered by it. Will have to look for a way to break the b-chain and find some other letters of the alphabet to belabor. Now is that a big bowl of BS or what ? Just shut up, Owen, go back out and sit on the balcony for a while ! Now who am I to berate me like that??? .. :D



Amy said...

But the b-words are giving us such lovely photos!

I really like the shadow the balcony casts.

Nathalie again said...

Owen this is the most amazing balcony I've ever seen.

Le pliage fait penser à un paravent,ou à une chemise avec plein de petit plis tuyautés.

Laurie said...

B B B Bloody marvellous - some great pics coming out here. Good stuff. Now have you got to the pet cemetery yet?

Owen said...

Amy, I was wondering if anyone would notice the shadow, I like that part too...

Nat, totally agree, it is one of the most intricate pieces of balcony decoration I've seen anywhere, and I can't recall exactly where it was. It was on a roll of photos I shot out in Brittany in 1994, but Brittany is a large area !

Laurie, g g g glad you're enjoying them... am heading for the pet cemetery tomorrow, it is planned, am charging up the extra camera battery and packing the extra memory card !