Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cave Canem ! ! !

And one final footnote from my stroll after the disappointing Dandelion Massacre today, stumbled by chance on this small enamel plaque by the front gate of a house near here. Had never seen one of these before. I gathered, using my considerable powers of intuition, that this was a "Beware of Dog" sign, but I had to confirm by looking it up when I got home that "Cave Canem" is indeed Latin for "Beware of Dog", so Nota bene you miserabile vulgus ; there is a homicidally vicious frothing at the mouth mastiff behind this gate waiting to chew you to pieces should you dare enter without permission. Needless to say, as with the "chat méchant" the other day, I didn't linger long here. . .

Alot has been said and written about what a romantic country France is, about how people kiss frequently in public places with little or no concern for propriety. But it was only today that I realized that one contributing factor to all of that is that there are actually signs giving kissing lessons in prominent public places. . . I don't know how I missed them all this time. . . will have to see if the instructions work . . . Jennifer, are you free tonight ??? (by the way, you didn't show up on the Eiffel Tower the other night, I was miffed !) :D



SinclairScripa/TaraVerheide said...

Oh Owen!
These signs you photo-post are delicious sight-bights. Both of them quite sexy... yes even that dirty dog Canem. Please pay more attention for the universe is indeed fraught with signs,,, and these to devour and delight you into the secret initiation of the lower (read: base) cultural mileau.
Those Frenchies invented the ultimate tongue-job right?: ...Press twice, lick thrice. Oh dear! I hope that when jen miffed you oiff at the Tower, it was not so fridgid as to have caused your anxious tongue to have melded with the sticky steel. That could have been a bloody awful ending.
Wish i was in Paris!

Laurie said...

Flipping heck!!