Friday, April 24, 2009

More Reflections On Brittany . . .

While out for a walk in the village of Carantec, Brittany, (as mentioned in earlier posts, it is one of the best kept vacation secrets in France) I came across some more reflections that were just begging to be recorded for posterity . . . and again, as I sometimes do sort of alot of images, hoping to get one good one, I narrowed the choice down to these last two, but then couldn't decide which of these two better deserved to go out to the world at large. . . so, you get them both.
Concerning the first one here, I am not from Roswell, New Mexico, and in general have been doubtful about flying saucer stories over the years, but this photo is not re-touched in any way, shape, or form, so I'm having trouble explaining the odd disk of white light that appeared in the sky just as I snapped the picture, and then it went whizzing off into the distance, emitting a loud whooshing sound ! Your ideas ??? (Jeff34, I know, now that you have learned all those new English expressions for saying someone is "off his rocker", your going to tell me I have bats in my belfry...)
PS Please don't tell anyone about this, I wouldn't want to see such a lovely little seaside village overrun with UFO seekers . . .




Loulou said...

You were right to post both. There is a saying you certainly know very well: "Choisir c'est renoncer"...
Reflection is one of my favorite topic (see my previous comment on some of your previous reflection works).
See you

ps - a huge and humble thank you for your very nice comments on my blog

Sar@h said...

Amusant, je cherche les points de vue !