Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Of Boats and Spare Tires . . .

Just for info, if anyone is interested, I drove for six hours yesterday from Paris all the way out to Morlaix, Brittany, and then from there due north to the small town of Carantec, where we'll be spending the next few days... taking it easy, because this is vacation, purely for pleasure, and all notions of work are forgotten out here. So after that little drive yesterday, we piled back in the car again this morning and drove just a little further, around Brest, and out to Le Conquet et la Pointe Saint Mathieu, just about as far west as you can get on mainland France. Any further and you fall off the edge of the Earth.
In Le Conquet we walked down to the port, where I soon spotted this little jewel tied up but ready to row away over the waves. My only question for all of you alert, observant readers out there is : What is wrong with this picture ??? Hint . . . did you ever hear the expression "About as useful as teats on a bull" ???

This view is at the port in Le Conquet, where the above boat was tied up, the house literally overhangs the water !



airplane5312 said...

How interesting! A house half on the road half overhanging.

NikonSniper said...

both of these are great ... the tire in the boat is classic.

nathalie in avignon said...

Le pneu ?
Un pare-battage efficace mais bien lourd et bien salissant. L'avantage est qu'il ne roule pas sur la coque, contrairement aux boudins blancs que l'on vend pour la plaisance chez les shipchandlers.