Friday, April 10, 2009

The Good Life . . .

There is no question in my mind that cat's have the good life. . . lounging around on beds all day long while the rest of us are working, barfing up hairballs and then just walking off like nothing happened, remaining aloof to all conversation, going outside on demand, coming in, going back out, lounging in the yard, coming in for a snack, and so on. . . but we love them nevertheless.



NikonSniper said...

thanks for dropping by today. i signed up as soon as i saw your wiped out cat here. look's great. love your color in photos below too.
well i will be back. would also love if some of your friends could drop by ... alternative oppinions help to see what works for others ... as you well know.
love your stuff!

nathalie in avignon said...

I'm not into cats (allergic to cat fur) but really this is a bloody good photo.

Unknown said...
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Emilie said...

She is SO CUTE !!! her face is so adorable !!

some people are lucky to have her... :)

by the way, your blog is really nice !! I like it a lot !!