Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Shacked Up

This is my dream house... if I had to finish my life alone somewhere deep in the Maine woods, this would be the place for me... it just needs a little fixing up, sweeping out, maybe some flowers in a vase in the window. Wow, like the sad shack mentioned earlier in this blog down in Kentucky, you have to wonder who lived here. Maybe a descendant of Thoreau? This photo sets me to dreaming...


Janie said...

This definitely deserves a comment. Old abandoned houses always set me to dreaming about who lived there, when, and how they made their living.
I only had comments from my daughter for many months. Joining memes was the key to getting anyone to notice!
You should recycle some of these old posts. They're great!

Lydia said...

Being the second commenter here I lose dibs on adopting the post, I guess. Therefore, because it Also sets me to dreaming, I shall adopt the dwelling!