Saturday, October 18, 2008

Glimpse of Heaven

This is another of my dream properties, through the wide open door, the gaping window... a glimpse of heaven! What I would give to be able to go back to this place and do an archeological dig, dragging everything out into the street, into the light of day... the pots & pans & baby carriage wheels, the other assorted junk from a lifetime or more ! I love mysteries like this... what happened here? Who lived here, who let this happen??? The key is still in the keyhole, for crying out loud. And the luscious texture... When I die, don't worry about buying a coffin and paying for a burial, just toss my lifeless carcass right in here, and I'll be in heaven...
This photograph, for the record, was taken in St Malo, France, in August 1986, and this property was bulldozed into oblivion shortly thereafter. Not far from St Malo can be found the village of Lancieux. Lying in Lancieux for all eternity are the mortal remains of the immortal poet Robert William Service. May his soul rest peacefully, after his arduous life in the Yukon and on the battlefields of World War One in France where he worked as an ambulance driver. His poems shine with the light of magical inspiration.

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