Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dream Car

A little further down this blog was my dream shack... well, this is my dream car. It was on showroom display right in downtown Paris, occupying a strategic sexy spot on the left bank of the Seine just a stone's throw from Notre Dame, the center of the known universe. Now ain't she a beauty? Sunning herself on a sunny afternoon. Stunning! I would have loved to give here a test drive!
She'd been dredged out of the river, god only knows how long she'd been at the bottom getting caked in mud, or what tragedy led her there in the first place. If there had been any human remains, they had long since been washed away. I love texture in photographs, and this one is full of it. What more could one want out of life?!? Abandoned cars ! Paris ! It doesn't get much better than that !

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