Friday, October 10, 2008

Sad Shack

While living down in Kentucky a few years back, I spent alot of time on weekends out roaming around sometimes quite far afield, just poking about here and there on back roads, in the back woods, and believe you me, Kentucky has some serious back woods. More than once I had a shotgun or a rifle pointed in my general direction, folks down there don't always care for strangers with cameras. This may be one of the most forlorn photographs I ever made. I make no claim to being a good or great photographer, am average at best, but every once in a while a mood that I'm trying to catch almost comes through in the finished image. This place, the one-room shack, the ancient automobile rusting away, the empty mailbox; whole novels could be written around this image, thousands of words anyway, words like heartbreak, loss, abandon, desolation, and you can complete the list... Who lived here and drove this car to the nearby coal mines? Is his skeleton still lying on the disintegrating bed in the shack, with sheaves of moldy paper stacked in a corner, paper on which he had carefully typed out a lifetime's worth of poems?

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Lily Fields said...

Jeez Louise Zoom...don't underrate yourself talented are a fantastic photographer. I for one love your photos...they always tell a story. You definitely have an eye for a great photo. I am enjoying the photographs immensely. Thanks for sharing.

I just returned from Kentucky a couple of weeks ago. The entire family went to the Ryder Cup. Had to drag Howard there as he hates golf...anyway...we were in downtown Louisville (looville,as the residents pronounce it)) one evening and there is this pick up truck in front of us and it has the aluminum tool box attached in the back, the big wheels,etc. (was missing the confederate flag in the rear and all of a sudden it speeds up and all these lights start flashing....sirens start sounding...and lo and was the police...So we were cognizant of this fact the whole time and started picking out which pickup trucks were the was great fun for the boys. Ciao..Zoog