Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Kittens in Wonderland

You may look at this picture and think, gosh, what god-awful transformation did he do to this... but in actual fact, this is exactly how the image came out of the first digital camera I ever tried using. It was a piece of junk, a free gift with another purchase, so I wasn't expecting much. The battery had run down, and after this shot it shut down completely. But I liked the shadowy kittens, and the psychedelic texture. The kitten shadow figures reminded me of the image of a man negatived on a wall in Hiroshima by a bright flash of light one August morning a few years back... the things we do to each other. Anyway, sometimes without trying, surprising images appear out of the ether, unbidden. From the shadow, we will return into the shadow. In the meanwhile, don't miss out on playing with kittens ! They love to play all day !

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Lady Mondegreen's Secret Garden said...

Kittens. Catkins. And I have discovered that a French word for them is chatons. Un reve des chatons.