Monday, October 20, 2008

Jerry R.I.P. !

After sharing images of Crosby & Stills (see below) it would
be criminal for me not to post this shot of Jerry Garcia taken during a Dead show at the Pittsburgh Civic Arena on 2 April, 1989, during "Dear Mr Fantasy", using high speed film and no flash. We used to say that Jerry was really ripping on such or such a night... now we just say, Jerry may you R.I.P
I was fortunate to have seen them play in places far and wide; from Oxford Plains, Maine, to Compton Terrace, Arizona, from Paris, France in the Zenith Theatre, to Las Vegas, Nevada in the UNLV Silver Bowl with Carlos Santana, in Deer Creek, Indiana, and countless shows on the East Coast at the Philadelphia Convention Center & the Spectrum, in Pittsburgh at the Civic Arena and Three Rivers Stadium (with Crosby, Stills, & Nash, at JFK Stadium in Washington, and the Capitol Center in Landover, Maryland, even in Madison Square Garden, NYC, as well as Giants Stadium in North Jersey.... Never a dull moment... and from that cup no more...

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