Monday, October 27, 2008

Coming Unglued

2008 : Oil prices going through the roof, then through the basement, now the international markets on a roller-coaster ride, wars, corruption, famine, plagues, hurricanes, bark beetles, forest fires, gangs, drugs, dirty elections; one could well imagine that the four riders of the apocalypse have been loosed upon the world, the world as we knew it may be disappearing... the human race appears to be coming unglued...
Coming Unglued
Some bastard at work
Had poured awfully sticky glue
All over the keyboard
Of my computer
The stuff of tarpits
But transparent

When I sat down to type
Yet another nasty e-mail
My fingers stuck to the keys
I tried to pull my hands away
The keyboard rose in the air
Suspended on my fingertips

I banged it back down
A few loose keys flew off
I smashed it against
The idiot screen
That I spend half my life
Staring at

Then I found
That the rotten
Son of a whore
Had poured glue
On my chair too
I tried to stand
My ass and back were stuck
The glue had soaked
Through my pants
And underpants
To the hair
And skin of my balls

“Son of a bitch !” I screamed
“I’ve had enough of this SHIT !”
I ripped the keyboard out
With its cable
Broke it in half
On the edge of the desk
And ran as best I could
With that damn chair
Stuck to my back
Half a keyboard
On each hand
Yelling epithets
Randomly at cubicles
And their wide-eyed occupants
A horrible grimace
Distorting my face
As that cheap office chair
Tugged hard on my testicles
With every lunging step

Out through the front lobby
And the marvellous revolving doors
I ran, lurching
I ran from workplace hell
Brandishing the broken keyboard
At the uncaring heavens above
Snarling at pedestrians
Who stopped to stare
At one of their kind
Who had come

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Catherine said...

No reflections on this post !!! I'll be the first.

You made me smile, Owen. Really ! You're a talented storyteller. Fortunately, I lost one key ! Not enough to write a poem !