Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dreaming of Eternity

Earlier in this convoluted document I pasted in a photo with the caption "Super Real", which was taken at the entrance to the cemetery in Jacmel, Haiti, in February 1997. Walking around that cemetery, which is another bad habit I have, and incidentally, it was one of the loveliest cemeteries I've ever seen anywhere, I stumbled on this gentleman who was sleeping off a serious case of early afternoon heavy drinking, stretched out on the hard top of a tomb... he smelled like some of the rum distilleries they have down there, I didn't dare approach too closely for fear a low spark from a high heel might set off an explosion. Neither before or after have I ever come across anyone else sleeping on a tombstone, and could only imagine he was dreaming of Eternity... as with some earlier subjects below, I had to photograph him from both sides...

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