Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Another Dreamer

I know it is not kind to take pictures of people when they are asleep and particularly defenseless, but now and again I can't resist. Once my wife almost murdered me for taking a picture of her asleep in a car with her mouth open. Many homicides happen between married people, it's true. This gentleman in London was also a little the worse for wear for drink... out snoring away on his doorstep, I suppose you could say he was stooped over on his stoop. I couldn't let the opportunity go by... that pants leg that had slipped up, revealing his ankle and the low-heeled slipper turned to show advantageously, the suspenders pulling the waist of his trousers up over a bulging belly... I know, you're thinking I'm not very charitable... well, I guess you're right, sometimes the human race needs to be shown in all its glory. The worst part is... he woke up when the shutter clicked, saw what I was up to, and made some slurred and sloppy gurgling noises in my general direction before his chin plummeted back down onto his chest... just another dreamer

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