Sunday, October 19, 2008

Found Art !

One other piece of "found art" played a pivotal role in my life some twenty years ago, in that it caused me to stop, look twice, and then go through the door it was hanging on to see what demented soul could have nailed a two dimensional flattened tricycle to their front door ! Of all the absurd and wonderful things I've had the good fortune to stumble on as I make my way through the thick fog enshrouding our planet, our paradise, our prison, this one is high, high on the list. And thanks to a tricycle from desolation row, I met some of the most incredible people imaginable... our paths have been entwined since that day. Thank you Mr. Wreck* (see Nuclear Cows earlier in this blog) for having had the inspirational vision to nail a decrepit tricycle to your door, many people would never have dared. You are an inspiration to us all... to dare to defy convention... and let it all hang out... after midnight ! Under a full moon ! In the moonlight midnight !

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Lynne with an e said...

Note to self: I must be very careful what I nail to my front door because one just never knows who it might attract to come randomly walking into my house after midnight in the moonlight hour!